Firstly, we hope all of our customers and followers are safe and well.

SRJ Windows are continuing to follow and monitor the daily advice given by the Scottish First Minister regarding official COVID-19 guidelines. We are working hard to finalise all processes and safety changes so that we can be prepared and ready to start work as soon as we are advised that it is safe to do so – we will keep our website updated with this information when we are able to reopen.

As a result, we are implementing the necessary measures to protect both our staff and customers, enabling us to soon be back to delivering our industry-leading service. These measures include first and foremost respecting the 2-metre social distancing advice.

2-Metre Distancing

Wherever possible, our staff will remain 2 metres away from each other when returning to work unless it is unsafe to complete an installation at this distance. This will be extended to our office staff once the office reopens and most importantly to our customers upon our return to work. If our installers are working in or around your home in the future they will endeavour to remain at a safe distance at all times, we request that our customers respect this and do their best to ensure this is possible.

Hygiene Etiquette

In order to further prevent the transmission of any respiratory infections, our staff will be strictly following the appropriate respiratory hygiene and etiquette when we reopen. We have set out the following measures to contain such transmission between our staff members and our customers once business resumes.

  •  Covering of the mouth and/or nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing;
  •  Using the nearest waste receptacle to dispose of said tissue;
  •  Performing strict hand hygiene (eg, handwashing with soap and water, use of alcohol-based rubs or antiseptic handwash.) All of our work vans will be fitted with a hand sanitiser facility to ensure this is possible at all times.

When we begin installations again our team of installers will be wearing PPE face masks where possible to further minimise any possible transmission. Although this has not been made law, it is a step we are taking to ensure the protection of our staff and customers.

Enhanced Cleaning on Site

Our installers will be using an eco-friendly disinfectant on all sites during projects. This will enable us to ensure that we are maintaining our level of customer service regarding the cleaning of installations, without having to use harsh chemicals that may affect your new home improvement products.

Once again, we would like to extend thanks to our customers for being patient and understanding during this difficult time. We are very much looking forward to returning to work and once again offer customers across Scotland the home improvements that they deserve. We will keep our site updated with new updates and will be in touch when we’re able to reopen again.

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