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As the ultimate solution for bringing a bright and spacious feel to your Fife or Dunfermline home, our Glass Conservatory Roof allows you to enjoy the ultimate in views, natural light allowance and comfort. This really is the ideal way to enjoy a much-loved look, brought into the modern day.

This roof is the first roofing system to achieved certification from BBA, utilising a design that has been refined and evolved over the past 35 years. You’ll be able to enjoy all the best of a tried and trusted design, bringing a worthwhile investment to your home.

For your peace of mind, this roof can be enhanced further with toughened glass. This will work to increase the overall durability and security of your conservatory. We’ll manufacture this roof bespoke to you, ensuring you get the perfect fit every time.

By investing in this roof design, you’ll be able to enjoy industry-leading standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability and performance. You’ll be able to use your living area all throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings. We’ve got years of experience installing glass conservatory roofs across Fife, Edinburgh, Falkirk, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian, Stirling, Dundee, Clackmannanshire, Perth & Glasgow.

The Perfect Roof Replacement

For the Dunfermline homeowner with an existing conservatory or extension that needs some improvement, the Classic Glass Conservatory Roof is ideal. This system can easily fit onto existing conservatory frames, so you won’t have to worry about paying for a brand new extension. As with all Ultraframe roofing systems we offer, the Classic Conservatory Replacement Roof was built using NASA satellite data. This means this system will calculate the maximum wind and snow load requirements in your area.

Unlike older conservatory roofs, the classic conservatory roof uses high performance glazing. This means you won’t have to worry about your conservatory or extension becoming a greenhouse, allowing for year-round use. Even in the warmest of summers, you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory.

Ultrasky Roof

The Ultrasky roof is the perfect finishing touch to a brand new orangery or extension. This system combines a modern design with natural light. The result; you’ll create more sense of space and light within your space. This extension is designed to be stronger, with a thermally efficient ridge allowing for fewer bars.

Customisable in design, the Dunfermline homeowner can choose between a uPVC or aluminium frame for their conservatory. As with the Glass Conservatory Roof and Classic Conservatory Roof, this profile is designed with the weatherload of your area in mind. Even in the strongest of storms, you’ll feel protected in your Dunfermline home. Love this design? Why not check out our other roof lanterns.

As the most thermally efficient conservatory roof system on the current market, the Glass Conservatory Roof will work to keep you warm and comfortable even during the bitter winter months. Not only will this means that you’ll keep the winter winds at bay, it also means that you’ll be able to see a reduction in your heating costs across the year.

All of our glass conservatory roofs feature unique top caps and adjustable speedlocks to optimise glazing compression. This means that they can offer outstanding weather protection, and they have been tested in winds up to 130mph. They also feature a triple layer storm shield at radius end, to keep the weather protection completely consistent.

To help you enjoy the highest quality in a personal way, our glass conservatory roofs meet the structural requirements of any large shape or complex design. This includes the integration of structural solutions which allow you to accommodate for large span bi-fold doors. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful addition in a beautiful way.

All of our glass conservatory roofs are designed to reduce the overall hassle to your daily life, kitted out with features that allow for a fast fit. This also means that they avoid any drilling or cutting, which minimises the amount of mess that happens on site. We’ll be able to fit your home with an exceptional design, quicker and easier at every step.

You’ll be able to bring a personal touch to your home with a range of upgrade features, including an insulated perimeter pelmet, as well as super insulated columns. If you’re looking for a different way to illuminate your home in the evening hours, you can also opt for a central lighting panel which can be fitted with a range of lighting options.

We know that when you invest in something new for your home, you want it to offer lasting quality over the years. This is something you can be sure of with our glass conservatory roofs, which are accompanied with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee to cover you against any highly unlikely problems. There’s no reason to settle for less.

Features & Benefits

Outdated or inferior glass conservatory roofs often caused your living space to be too hot in the summer to cold in the winter: often known as the ‘oven’ and ‘freezer’ effect. As our glass roofs feature trickle vents and innovative glazing, you’ll never have to worry about this factor. You’ll be able to use your new addition no matter the weather, making it a worthwhile investment for your home.

All of our glass roofs are fitted with thermally-efficient top caps. This helps to complement the energy efficiency of your home, preventing heat from escaping out of your Fife or Dunfermline home. To ensure your peace of mind, they are also inherently high security, offering impressive resistance to removal to increase the structural strength of your roof. You’ll be able to completely relax in your new conservatory.

A unique Speedlock system works to offer complete water tightness and quick installation. This feature allows for easy adjustment, which is ideal for accommodating any slight tolerances in pitch. This also ensures that every glazing bar fits as it should, so you won’t have to worry about any inconsistencies that could affect performance. Not only this, but it will help to ensure that the installation process goes as quickly as possible.

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