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Stunning Bi-Fold Doors in Scotland by SRJ Windows

Give yourself an open view of the garden with our modern bi-fold doors from SRJ Windows. Our family-run team has spent over a decade sourcing, supplying and installing the best quality bi-folding doors into homes throughout the Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and the Stirlingshire area.


Improve the Quality of your home with our bespoke Bi-Folding Doors

Open your property up to the outdoors with a stunning set of bi-folding doors from SRJ Windows. These make a gorgeous addition to any property – with generous use of glass and seamless operation. Whisk the doors open to let in the breeze or close them with very little effort and, with our perfect fit or integral blinds, you can get privacy when you need it.

With bi-fold doors that have been tailored to your property, you’ll have a new, perspective on life.

High performance and great design

Bi-fold doors can be a great alternative to patio doors and, with SRJ Windows, you can be certain you’re getting a high quality product. Our team will consult with you to determine the correct size and placement, ensuring that your bespoke bi-folding doors will meet both your needs and desires. This practical design is a stylish way to bring the outside in.

Contemporary or traditional style

No matter your home décor, our bi-folding doors can be tailored to match. From the latest trends to traditional designs, SRJ Windows can professionally supply and install all bi-fold doors. All of our products are tested against the Scottish weather, and you can visit our Fife showroom to see examples of our Bi-folding door range in person.

Make the Most of Your Garden with Bi-Folding Doors

For modern homeowners in Scotland, the garden is a point of pride. It is a space to be enjoyed in fair weather and admired year-round – framed by energy efficient doors and windows. Given the amount of time and energy you invest in keeping your garden beautiful, doesn’t it make sense to install bespoke bi-fold doors that make it easier to admire and enjoy?

SRJ Windows has been installing doors and windows in Scotland for more than 25 years. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in the contributions we make to local homes and businesses in Scotland. From our family to yours – we genuinely hope our doors can make your daily life more enjoyable.

Bespoke Bi-Fold Doors Are a Perfect Fit for Your Property

In our experience, every home is different – each with its own subtle details and architectural features. That is why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitting doors. For that very reason, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our bi-folding doors can be tailored to suit your property.


Contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities

When you choose SRJ Windows for bi-fold door installation, our representatives will consult with you closely to ensure that your doors are perfectly sized and placed. It is for this very reason that we are confident enough to provide you with a 10-year guarantee on all doors we install.

We stand by our workmanship so that you can be confident you’ve made the right decision in installing our bi-fold doors in Scotland. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.