Is it time to upgrade your windows? If so, you have a few important decisions to make, including window style and type of glazing. At SRJ Windows, we offer homeowners across Scotland a wide range of double glazed window installations. Our window range caters to varying property styles and ages, with bespoke profiles that can be customised to suit every home. 

If you are finding it difficult to decide between double and triple glazing, the SRJ Windows experts are here to help. Keep reading to discover our thoughts on the triple glazing vs double glazing debate. 

What Is Triple Glazing?

Windows act as a weather-resistant barrier between your property and the outside world. A high quality window installation will improve your home’s energy efficiency, security, appearance and thermal performance. 

Double glazed windows are built with two panes of glass, with an insulating chamber separating the two pieces of glazing. The glass and gas-filled chambers are tightly sealed into a single unit, manufactured with either uPVC, aluminium, or timber frames. 

Triple glazing is built in a similar way to double glazing, except the profile includes an extra pane of glass and an additional insulating chamber. Where a double glazed unit features 4 sides of glass, triple glazing has an extra 2, which is designed to achieve low U-Values. 

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Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

Triple glazed windows have been linked to improved energy efficiency and enhanced acoustic insulation, but is triple glazing really better than double glazing? Here’s what our experts have to say –

“The answer to this question depends on why you want it and what you are willing to accept in your new windows in your home. If you want a new uPVC window to work well and retain heat as expected, then we would advise to choose double glazing, as it is more than adequate. However, if you would like to achieve the lowest U-Value then you may want to look at triple glazing”.

Double glazing took the property world by storm during the 1970s, but triple glazing didn’t appear on the scene until the 1990s. While triple glazing technology may not be as old as double glazing, these windows do have some issues that homeowners need to be aware of.

is double glazing better than triple glazing

The experts here at SRJ Windows have highlighted the following triple glazing drawbacks:

“One of the problems that you would possibly have to accept is a poorer quality of glass. This is due to the fact that there are 6 sides of the glass for you to look through, creating a higher chance of imperfections. With 3 panes of glass, the unit will also be 50% heavier. This will reduce the maximum size capabilities of the opening section on the window. It will also put additional weight on to the window hinges, causing constant strain, which possibly may cause operational issues”. 

Three panes of glass instead of two sounds like a good idea, but often, the additional benefits of triple glazing don’t balance out the multiple potential problems. The heavier triple glazed units can also lead to more hassle during installation.

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SRJ goes on to say: 

“With 3 Panes of glass per window, the additional weight will also result in more labour needed to handle the glass, vehicles will hit the maximum load quicker and more time will be needed at the installation stage equating to a much more expensive fit”.

uPVC triple glazed units can achieve U-Values as low as 1.0, marginally better than a 5 chamber uPVC double glazed unit with an approximate U-Value of 1.4. An extra spacer bar may improve the energy efficiency of triple glazing, but this second bar also doubles the chance of unit failure. Another issue with a thicker sealed unit is a thinner glazing bead and reduced security. 

Triple Glazing or Double Glazing? 

triple vs double glazing

Both triple and double glazed windows have their own pros and cons. Triple glazing is the more expensive option, and it’s important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before investing in these windows. If you are still wondering, is triple glazing worth it? – here is our expert opinion: 

“We feel that the UK Industry is not ready for triple glazing. It will reduce glass unit manufacturing all the way to installation and product ability. The cost to homeowners is also massively increased for very little gain. To answer the question, is triple glazing better than double glazing? We say no. What we advise is to consider upgrading the double glazing specification, such as adding 6.8 acoustic glass or using Planitherm high performance low E. These Planitherm upgrades can give a centre pane U value of 1.0 and, when combined with the frames, gives an overall U value of 1.2. So you can save your money and potential future issues from the additional weight added to the windows by the triple glass”. 

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Choose The Right Glazing for Your Home With SRJ Windows

At SRJ Windows, we have been improving homes across Scotland for over 30 years. Our high quality window range features several profile styles, including casement windows, sliding sash windows, bay windows, and more. 

To discuss your double glazing installation with our expert team, call 01383 851 951 or fill out our online contact form today. 


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