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Conservatory Roofs, Edinburgh


Complete your Extension with SRJ Conservatory Roofs

Nothing opens up your home quite like an extension, and our conservatory roofs offer you the perfect way to complete your project. Designed to protect your new room from the unpredictability of the Scottish weather, SRJ conservatory roofs bring you a level of thermal efficiency and durability that you would usually expect from the rest of your house.

High-Security Conservatory Roofs

It’s integral that your new conservatory roofs are able to protect you from unwanted visitors as well as wind and rain. While the roof of your extension is far from the first port of call for such persons, this doesn’t mean that security should be left by the wayside. The same structural strength that protects our conservatory roofs from heavy rain and snowfall also keeps out intruders.

Designed with Thermal Efficiency in Mind

At the same time, that isn’t to say that energy efficiency isn’t integral either when it comes to our conservatory roofs. Quite the contrary; we utilise naturally efficient materials and then bolster this innate capability with state of the art manufacturing techniques. This is then combined with the effectiveness of the rest of your extension, making the most of modern double glazing for a warmer home.

This warmth is naturally retained thanks to the dedicated thermal barriers that make up our conservatory roofs. This is preferable to heating your new extension via central heating along with the rest of your home, since warming the new space this way will take longer and cost more than you’re used to. Therefore, by warming your extension naturally you will save money.

Longevity and Durability

This is arguably the most important part of conservatory roofs. While you may wish for your extension to be lavishly designed, thermally efficient and affordably priced, it’s understandable that you would also want a product that can continue to do all those things for many years to come without any dip in quality.

That’s where SRJ Windows come in, with our intricate manufacturing process that bolsters the natural strengths of our materials. We specifically design our products to withstand the wear and tear of daily life with weather-proof finishing and colours that are resistant to decolouring. In fact, we offer a 10-year guarantee of quality on many of our products, including our conservatory roofs.

Made-to-Order Conservatory Roofs

Like the rest of our double glazing, SRJ conservatory roofs can be personalised in several ways. The bespoke product that you receive has been tailored to your specific requirements. Our installation teams have a great deal of experience with installing highly customised double glazing and are open to working with your needs in mind at all times.

Your entire conservatory can be coloured to your specifications, selected from our vast range of colours and finishes. In many cases, the glazing itself can be customised, along with hardware modifications such as handles and knockers. We also offer a number of specific roof types and materials.

SRJ Windows: The Eco-Friendly Installer

We are a dedicated supplier and installer of double glazing, with experience working with homeowners throughout Edinburgh and beyond for over 25 years. Not only devoted to providing excellent conservatory roofs, we also take great pride in our adherence to eco-friendly practices in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Manufacturing and construction can have large impacts on the surrounding environment. We therefore make sure to counter-balance this by actively reducing our emissions with efficient fuelling strategies. We also recycle 100% of all cardboard and paper products, 90% of our old windows, and are a SEPA accredited company ourselves with the authority to safely remove construction waste.

Conservatory Roofs Prices, Edinburgh

Call SRJ Windows today to find out more about our incredible conservatory roofs. You can reach our specialists by ringing 01383 851 951, at which point we would be more than happy to assist. You can also fill out our online contact form if you would prefer to submit a request to us in writing. We respond to all queries as soon as possible.

We also recommend visiting our showroom in order to see our product range for yourself. It can be very useful to see the product you’re considering in person, and we have many of our windows, doors and conservatory roofs on display. Based in our offices in Rosyth, our showroom is manned by our talented team of experts that will be able to help.

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