Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient and warmer? If so, upgrading your outdated windows and doors can make a huge difference to your property’s temperature and energy usage. Modern double glazing has many benefits, and at SRJ Windows, we have been upgrading homes across Scotland for over 30 years. 

We enhance homes of all ages with a wide range of double glazed windows and doors. Keep reading to find out how a double glazing installation can transform your home and save you money.

Improved Thermal Performance 

Homes lose a large percentage of heat through their windows and doors. Outdated glazing can allow precious heat to escape from your property, which is like throwing money out of the window. Single glazed windows and doors also have difficulty preventing cold draughts from making their way into your living space. 

Double glazing provides superior thermal performance as it consists of two glass panes and an insulating argon gas-filled chamber. Homes with double glazed windows and doors will maintain their warmth for longer, be well protected from the natural elements, and, in turn, keep those energy bills low. 

With double glazing installed, your property will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout every season. However, you will still need to adequately heat and ventilate your home to avoid long-term issues like condensation. For the best thermal performance, look for windows that have a minimum of 1 pane of low E glass with high energy ratings and that use a composite spacer bar, with low U-values. These measurements signify the energy efficiency of the double glazed unit as a whole.

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Increased Home Security 

Homes with single glazed windows are more vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries. It is fairly easy for criminals to smash a single glass panel window and make their way into your property. In comparison, double glazing features robust glass panels, hardware and locks, offering extra protection for your home. A strong double glazed unit is harder to damage, and modern designs are often manufactured to withstand advanced burglary methods. Consider our upgrades to laminate glass if security is a particular concern of yours. 

 At SRJ, all of our double glazed profiles are fitted with a multipoint locking system. These locks secure the entire window frame and remove any potential weak spots that could be vulnerable to criminal damage. By investing in a double glazing installation, you will be keeping your property, belongings, and loved ones safe, as well as protecting yourself from window repair costs.  

Low Maintenance Materials

Traditional timber windows have a timeless appearance and offer homes a vintage aesthetic. Unfortunately, authentic wooden windows require a lot of expensive maintenance to stay in top condition. The modern double glazing we install here at SRJ Windows is built with either high grade uPVC or strong aluminium frames. We offer several customisation options, allowing homeowners to recreate the classic look of a timber window without the need for regular maintenance like painting and repairs.

uPVC and aluminium frames are easy to clean and can withstand most of the natural elements. Durable and weather resistant, modern double glazing will continue to look and perform at its best for decades. Switching to double glazing can save you money on maintenance and repair work in the future. There will be no need to pay for paint every five years. 

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Enhanced Property Appearance

Flawlessly finished with state-of-the art technology, double glazing not only improves your home’s security and thermal performance but also provides your property with a stunning appearance. Double glazed windows and doors are manufactured to offer exceptional long-term performance and will keep their factory fresh and shiny for several years with minimal effort and maintenance. 

With a wide variety of window and door styles to choose from, finding the perfect double glazing for your property is easy when you choose SRJ Windows as your home improvement specialist. We offer a variety of double glazed window styles, including bay, tilt & turn, sliding sash, casement profiles and more. With a stunning selection of frame colours and finishes to choose from, every homeowner can design their dream double glazing to suit their existing architecture and colour palette. 

Lower Energy Bills

Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on energy bills by upgrading single glazed windows and doors to modern double glazing. You can save a large amount of money and keep your home warmer for longer with multi chambered uPVC frames and natural insulating aluminium windows. Available in multiple energy efficient styles, you can have total confidence that your SRJ double glazing installation will benefit your home’s appearance and your bank balance. 

High energy rated double glazing will trap warm air inside your property and work as a reliable barrier between your living space and the weather outside. With double glazing installed, you will rely less on expensive central heating and enjoy reduced energy bills from the solar gain from the sun shining through your glass. 

Transform your home and save money when you upgrade to double glazing today. 

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Upgrade To Double Glazing With SRJ Windows 

Established in 1992, SRJ Windows is a family owned home improvement company based in Fife. We have over 30 years of installation experience and offer homeowners a large selection of double glazed windows and doors. 

To discuss your double glazing project with our expert team, get in touch by calling 01383 851 951 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to transforming your home soon. 


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