Statistics show that burglaries increase over the winter months, and it is important for homeowners to keep their property well protected at all times. At SRJ Windows, we provide homeowners across Scotland with a wide range of secure windows, doors and conservatories. We understand how vital home security is, and we only install products equipped with robust security features.

Multi-point Locking Systems 

When thieves attempt to access a property, one of the first places they turn to are the windows and doors. Skilled criminals will know how to break into homes by damaging window locks, but you don’t need to worry about this with a SRJ installation. 

Our customers can sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge that their home is being well protected by our secure modern windows. We offer a wide range of window styles – including casements and Tilt & Turns – all of which are fitted with multi point locking systems. 

Unlike older locks, the multi-point system secures the entire frame and offers added protection against intruders. These reliable locks remove any potential weak points from the window frame and make it difficult for burglars to get inside your property through the lock areas.

improve home security

Composite Doors With Added Muscle 

Alongside our uPVC doors, we also have a stunning selection of composite doors. Composite doors are manufactured using a blend of top quality materials. Featuring robust triple glazing as a standard with a 70mm thick slab, choose our composite doors for a certain peace of mind. 

Built with a reinforced fibreglass core, our composite doors have unrivalled structural strength. Designed to be as strong and secure as possible, SRJ composite doors are a wise investment for all safety-conscious homeowners.

The composite doors we install also feature anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels as standard. This means even the most crime-savvy intruders will not be able to damage the locks. 70mm Composite doors provide superior strength when compared to other styles available on the market today. 

highly secure composite front doors

Steel Reinforced Frames 

Are you still concerned about the home protection we offer at SRJ Windows? Don’t be! If you are looking for maximum peace of mind, we are glad to inform you that all of our uPVC frames are steel reinforced profiles. We understand that windows are a popular entry point for criminals, and that is why we provide frames manufactured with steel reinforcement. 

These windows have a more robust frame structure and enhanced structural strength as a whole. Combined with our single leg glazing bead and multi-point locking systems, our steel reinforced windows are guaranteed to offer high levels of protection for your home. 

steel reinforced frames and doors

If you are looking for a front door with added strength, consider an installation of the Hormann Thermo65 or Thermo46. Both of these entrance doors are built to withstand large impact and modern burglary methods. As well as providing reliable theft prevention, these secure doors are highly weather resistant and will keep the natural elements locked outside too. If you chose the Hormann Thermo65 door range with no glass, the external steel skin will offer maximum security.  

Protect Your Home With SRJ Windows 

At SRJ Windows, we have been improving homes across Scotland for over 30 years. We bring modern homeowners a wide range of secure windows, doors, conservatories and home extensions. 

You can find out more about our home improvement product ranges and start your project today by contacting our expert team.

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