Edinburgh is a beautiful city because of its historic architecture. The city and surrounding area was built in different phases, with many buildings dating back to the Georgian period of the 1700s, then a lot of development during the industrial revolution of the 1800s, and after that some twentieth and twenty-first modern styles bringing us up to date.

Unfortunately, if you live in an older building, you may suffer the cold of the winter because of poor insulation. The homes may look attractive because of their historical architecture, yet they were never designed with heat retention in mind. This is because materials used in modern construction, such as uPVC doors and windows, weren’t around at the time that these buildings were designed.

Conserve Energy

A home that isn’t very well insulated means that during the Scottish winter it is tempting to crank up the heating just to stay warm. This is very inefficient and can skyrocket your bills. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your home, which will reduce the amount you need to spend on heating. The three main ways are to update your heating system, install insulation, and replace doors and windows to the latest energy-efficient models to exclude draughts.

Most homes can be retrofitted with new doors or windows, no matter how old the building is. For example, if you have older sash windows, you can update them to the latest style and ensure that they will reduce heat loss. Older windows provide ample opportunity for draughts to come through, so you may also wish to consider upgrading to uPVC windows with a tighter seal.

lower your energy bills

Upgrade But Keep Your Style

Even if you live in a flat or share the building with others, you can easily alter your home to reap the benefits of improvements to insulation. Bay windows can be replaced with newer, energy-saving designs, but still retain the traditional look, so that your building won’t lose any architectural style. We would not wish for the buildings of Edinburgh and Fife to lose their character, so we’re always careful when providing our made-to-measure replacement windows.

Indeed, our doors are styled to fit in with the fife aesthetic. For example, our range of composite doors made from a mixture of uPVC, wood, foam and GRP are designed to combine style with strength. Getting a new door fitted is an excellent way to cut out icy-cold draughts that may seep through, causing you to turn up the heating just to stay warm in the winter.

Make the Investment

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy bills, then replacing doors and windows is a good idea because you’ll see significant reductions over time. It will be an outlay of money now, but you can easily make that back in the long run as you’ll immediately see your bills go down.

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Invest In Energy And Style With SRJ Windows

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