Why You Should Consider Upgrading the Doors to Your Dunfermline Home

//Why You Should Consider Upgrading the Doors to Your Dunfermline Home

Why You Should Consider Upgrading the Doors to Your Dunfermline Home

Many homeowners will have never given much thought to the doors fitted to their home. After all, they simply open and close, providing you with access and egress to your property. But there are several benefits that a simple door upgrade could bring to your home which should not be overlooked.

New Composite Doors in Dundee

PVCU doors have been a staple for many years as they are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and can be very secure with the right locking system. In recent years, the composite door has begun to surpass them in terms of popularity and its easy to see why.

  • Composite doors are thicker in their construction due to the differences in the way in which they are made.
  • Instead of a single material, you’re getting a solid core door which has been made by several materials being pressed together.
  • The result is a much sturdier door which will last just as long as any PVCU counterpart whilst improving the thermal performance of your home.

The team here at SRJ Windows provide a bespoke composite door design service which allows you to specify your new doors in the materials and design of your choice, allowing you complete control over the finished product.

New Bi-Fold Doors in Fife

If you’ve been keeping up with the developments in the home improvement space, you will know that bi-fold doors are currently on trend. The beauty is in their design as they can replace entire sections of wall with a folding glazed door system that can allow a ton of light to enter your home. They also looked fantastic once installed and can truly provide a makeover to any room whilst also improving thermal energy efficiency.

Alternatively, French doors are another great option for those looking for something slightly different. Our sliding patio doors can be specified in a colour and material of your choice, making them great for any home, regardless of its existing character.

New Doors for Conservatories in Edinburgh

If you have an existing conservatory that you wish to upgrade, a new set of doors could make all the difference. Bi-fold, French and PVCU doors can be fitted to any conservatory, transforming and providing a new lease of life to your existing space.

Whilst at it, new tilt & turn windows can be installed for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to keep their doors open. Perfect for keeping an eye on young children.

High Quality Home Improvement Across Scotland

SRJ Windows have been serving Scotland with the best windows and doors for over 25 years. We know what our customers want to see which is why we enjoy a significant amount of repeat custom and word of mouth endorsements. If you’ve been considering making improvements to your home, whether new bay windows or otherwise, we would love to hear from you.

Start with SRJ Windows

Start by making an enquiry by giving us a call on 01383 851 951 or by using the contact form on our website. We should always be your first choice when making home improvements across Stirlingshire and beyond.

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