Why are windows important?

//Why are windows important?

Why are windows important?

Many of us do not realise the prominence of windows in our homes until something actually happens to one of them – such as a crack or break. Then it is the only thing we can see until it is repaired.

Essentially, windows hold as much importance as the interiors, and they have the useful function of enabling ventilation and letting in natural light. They can be vital in providing escape routes in time of accidents or mishaps. Not only that but they also enhance the overall aesthetic level of the house – different kinds of windows bring personality to your home.

Overall, Windows play a major role in the aesthetic improvement of your home.

Types of windows and doors that SRJ Windows offer:

We offer a wide range of windows and doors to suit your specific needs. Here are a few of the popular choices among our satisfied clients:

  • Bay windows: They are designed to project outwards from your home. They make your house look spacious with more floor space and also allow in additional light. Larger window sills that can include up to seven window panes create the impression of a larger room.
  • Sash windows: These are often used when renovating an old house, but are gaining new popularity. They are a versatile option that provides excellent ventilation and light.
  • Tilt & turn windows: They are best suited for properties without outside access such as apartments. They enable easy cleaning in places that are normally hard to reach.
  • PVCU doors/windows: These doors and windows are made of pure plastic and call for low maintenance. Not only that but they are also strong, durable and prevent heat loss!
  • French doors: These doors up the aesthetic levels on any room that they are placed in. They add a contemporary look while ensuring minimum heat loss. They provide beauty with benefits.
  • Bi-fold doors: They are a great alternative to patio doors. They provide a practical design in the most stylish way to bring the outdoors inside.
  • Conservatories: Conservatories are a great way to create more space and light in any room. Such rooms make great spaces to relax or entertain guests in.
  • Porches: Adding a porch can be the perfect way to add some extra space to your home. This is the best way to make your space bigger without any hassle.

Calling all home owners around Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and Stirlingshire!

We are a one stop solution to finding the right window or door for your beautiful home. For us, this is beyond business as we take things into our own hands with our customer tailored services.

Our team of experts personally visit your home in order to assess areas where inputs such as doors and windows are required and ensure efficient installation.

Quality is assured owing to decades of experience, skilled craftsmen and the availability of sustainable materials. You can contact us on 01383 851 951 or simply drop us a message on our website – www.srjwindows.com to avail of a free estimate, survey or a quote for any of our services.

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