SRJ have been installing windows, doorsconservatories, and many other double glazed products for over 30 years. Since we were established in 1992, we have evolved significantly and are now more committed than ever before in working towards a lower carbon footprint. In this article, we share the steps SRJ have taken to help the environment and become more eco friendly.

We Are SEPA Regulated

We aim to achieve the greenest possible installation process when improving the homes of our customers across Scotland. To ensure we are achieving our goal, we have been a SEPA regulated business for over 30 years. This means that we recycle as much waste as possible and ensure that non recyclable materials are disposed of correctly.

We are Zero to Landfill

We work hard to keep our waste out of landfill and have many systems in place to keep our business environmentally friendly.

Firstly, we remove the glass panes and panels from the uPVC windows, doors and roofs. These materials are then separated and sorted into our 10 different recycling bins and skips. Working alongside our waste management company, we can guarantee that the materials are not heading to landfill.

uPVC frames are broken apart on site and shredded into smaller pieces before being recycled. In 2022, we successfully recycled 35 tonnes of old uPVC frames! We didn’t stop there though, as we exceeded this volume in 2023 by recycling 44 tonnes old uPVC frames and roofs.

Metal, Timber and Aluminium Product Disposal

A lot of materials are used to create windows, doors, conservatories and the many other home improvement products we install. When it is time to dispose of old products, what do we do?

We ensure 100% of our metal waste is recycled, including door and window handles. Our waste partner in the metal trade takes approximately 10 tonnes of steel and aluminium products from us each year.

When putting our recycling systems in place, we didn’t forget about the timber waste. Similarly to the uPVC waste, timber windows, finishings, doors and roofs are shredded and recycled. The shredded wood is repurposed and used to create flat pack furniture and laminate flooring. With this successful system in place, we were able to recycle 140 tonnes of timber in 2022 and 2023.

Recycling 100% of Paper and Cardboard Waste

When homeowners choose SRJ to complete their uPVC installation, they can feel confident in knowing that they are working with installers who care about the impact their work has on the environment. After every installation, we take 100% of our paper and cardboard waste away to be correctly recycled.

In 2022 and 2023, we recycled 4 – 5 tonnes of paper, cardboard, plastic and polythene. Whether it is waste from our office or the construction/installation site, we are committed to recycling as much as we can.

What Happens To Non-Recyclable Materials?

We have eco conscious systems in place to keep SRJ as green as possible and remain committed to our zero landfill policy.

There are several products used in our installations that cannot be safely recycled. In these circumstances, we aim to re-purpose bi-products wherever possible. Silicone, dust, wood shavings, foam filled plastics and other non-recyclable materials are sent to MVV Energy for waste in Dundee. Once received by MVV, heat is captured from the bi-products and used to heat homes and businesses across the Dundee area.

Further Green Steps SRJ Is Taking

In 2022,  we aimed to recycle all old glass panes into new glass. By working closely with our glass partner and waste management company, our business can continue to operate with the homeowner and environment in mind. In 2023, we achieved our glass goals and now recycle all glass removed from site – around 4.5 tonnes per month will go back into the glass manufacturing process.

And the Estimated 110 Tonnes of Mixed Waste?

Dust, wood shavings, glass cleaning cans, foam-filled plastics, silicone tubes and any type of non-metal window which are too hazardous for us to take apart end up at MVV Energy for waste in Dundee. Here, the waste is heated and captured for energy – benefiting homes and businesses in Dundee.

Eco Conscious Installations Across Central Scotland

Here at SRJ Windows, our team of skilled professionals are committed to being environmentally friendly at every stage of the installation process. We know how much our customers care about the environment, and we aim to provide a service that lowers the carbon footprint for Scottish homeowners and our business.

Our recycling systems, bi-product waste disposal methods, and energy efficient fuelling strategy ensure that we are keeping our zero landfill promise.

If you are considering a home improvement and want a guaranteed eco conscious installer, don’t hesitate to contact the SRJ Windows team on 01383 851 951 or through our online contact form.


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