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Sunrooms, Edinburgh


Sunrooms: Classy Designs, Beneficial Features

If you want all the benefits of modern conservatories with the privacy and homely feel of the rest of your property, then look no further than our sunrooms. These beautiful bastions of modern double glazing comprise the finest windows and a solid roof for a brilliant extension. Build upon your existing home with SRJ Windows today and allow natural light to flood into your life.

Work with an Installer That Cares

We care about the world as much as we care about delivering high-quality double glazing. By working with SRJ Windows today, you will benefit from an eco-friendly installation process. As a SEPA regulated installer, we are legally permitted to dispose of construction waste in a safe and efficient manner, reducing the environmental impact of your installation.

This isn’t the only thing we do to reduce our carbon footprint however. We also make sure to recycle 100% of all our cardboard and paper products, as well as 90% of our old windows. Furthermore, we utilise an efficient fuelling strategy which saves us up to 15,000 travel miles per year. This astounding number is a testament of our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Protect Your Property

It’s also integral for any extension to offer you the same level of protection that you enjoy throughout the rest of your home. We therefore imbue all of our sunrooms with the same security measures that are applied to all of our double glazing products, from high-tech locking mechanisms to dedicated hinge bolts that prevent forced entry.

Many of our double glazing products can also be updated to Secured by Design security standards. Furthermore, the reinforced double glazing used in the windowpanes of our sunrooms are notably impact resistant, protecting you from both intrusion attempts and continuous weather-wear. Embrace a high-security product today!

Personalised to Match Your Home

The installation of any extension can seem like a huge undertaking, and it’s important for your new purchase to display several different qualities, from security to thermal efficiency. However, this should never come at the detriment of style, and that’s why we offer a number of customisation options with which to modify your sunrooms. Emphasise your personal taste with SRJ Windows.

Enjoy our variety of colours and finishes, each of which is spectacularly capable of resisting damp, warping, rotting. Much like our conservatories, our sunrooms can also be tailored with composite decking, glass balustrades, temperature cooling systems and much more. Enjoy the benefits of solar gain glass, stylised windowpanes and numerous hardware modifications with SRJ.

Maximise Longevity

We also want you to continue receiving these fantastic benefits for many years to come, which is why we make use of the latest industry manufacturing techniques. Protective finishes, durable frameworks and well-designed profiles are all utilised in order to make sure that your product continues to keep you warm and safe for the foreseeable future.

In fact, we are so confident in the durability of our sunrooms that we offer a 10-year guarantee of their quality. Fitted by our talented installation teams, these products will protect you from the worst the world can throw at you, with sturdy profiles preventing unwanted access and gorgeous finishes that ward off damp, rot and discolouring. A simple wipe down is all our sunrooms need.

Warm Your Home

There are a number of things that make our double glazing energy efficient. Put simply, contemporary double glazing capitalises on vacuum-sealing technology, blocking potential draught points and trapping heat behind powerful seals. The result of this is a naturally warmer home, which in itself benefits you by reducing your reliance on central heating, and therefore your energy bills.

You can also specifically tailor your sunrooms to be even more energy efficient with our aforementioned customisation options. Solar gain glass is particularly adept at allowing natural heat to flow in through your windows, while reducing the harsh glare that accompanies it. This results in warm winters and cool summers. You can even opt for state of the art temperature cooling systems.

Sunrooms Prices, Edinburgh

Enjoy market-leading quality and all the features of modern double glazing with SRJ sunrooms. Our field-teams boast years of experience when it comes to installing the finest extensions this side of Scotland. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists to find out more. Call us up right now on 01383 851 951, and a member of our team would be happy to help.

On the other hand, you may wish to come and visit our showroom to see some of our double glazing first-hand. We have an incredible number of products displayed on site in our Rosyth exhibit near Dunfermline. Feel free to pop in and check out our incredible double glazing products and find out more about SRJ sunrooms today.

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