The SRJ team were proud to put the kettle on and enjoy some of the best cakes all in the name of charity. For the past two years, the team at SRJ has been turning the oven on to bake some sweet treats to offer at our coffee mornings to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

In July 2018, we raised £111.86 for Macmillan, just through general donations from the SRJ team for tea and coffee from the machine. In October 2018, we decided to go all out and try and raise even more, which saw some members of our team dust off their weighing scales to make some delicious bakes. The results paid off, as we raised £316 at our coffee morning!! In 2019, we continued our generosity and raised £134 at another coffee morning.

On why SRJ opted to raise money for Macmillan, managing director Stephen Macintosh said: “We know how much cancer affects people’s lives directly and indirectly. SRJ has always done some level of fundraising for Macmillan and Cancer Research over the years. We will be doing more fundraising this year for Macmillan.

“We know that they do an amazing job in research and help for sufferers. It is very important that everyone gets behind and supports charities like this.”

Macmillan Cancer Support takes the time to understand cancer patients as a person, providing the best support, tools and inspiration to help people through it. Every person has a different cancer journey, and Macmillan aim to provide the best support possible. Whether it’s physical, financial or emotional support, they will provide it.

As a charity, Macmillan gets 98% of its income through voluntary donations. By raising more than £560 over the past few years, our donation will help to support cancer patients through their tough time.

If you’d like to support Macmillan, you can do so through here.

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