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Install Bespoke French Doors with SRJ Windows

There’s nothing like relaxing in the garden on a sunny day – why not complete the picture with bespoke patio doors? SRJ Windows offers supply and installation patio or French doors throughout Fife, Dundee, EDINBURGH AND STIRLINGSHIRE AREAS. Our professional team will carry out your installation in style for a long-lasting result every time.


Striking Patio French Doors by SRJ Windows

Your garden enhances the look of your property and often plays host to gatherings of family, friends and neighbours. After spending so much time enjoying this greenspace, why not enhance the view of your garden through a set of French or patio doors?

SRJ Windows are experts in window and door installation, and French doors are a particular speciality of ours. With an attractive set of doors in place, you can bridge the space between your home’s interior and your garden – creating a transition from the home to the garden. Call us now on 01383 851 951 to learn more about our process and how we can enhance your property’s value and liveability.


With sliding doors and personalised designs, our patio and French doors offer a contemporary look to any room. At SRJ Windows we use the latest glazing technology, all of our glass comes with LOW-E and is toughened, may help keep your energy bills low.

Guaranteed quality

At SRJ Windows, we want you to enjoy your patio doors for years to come. Available in a wide range of tasteful colours, our products are all covered by our Platinum 10-Year Guarantee and are tested to withstand the Scottish weather. Let the sun into your home with our custom designs and straightforward results today.

French Door Installation Doesn’t Have to Mean Higher Energy Bills

If you’ve been reluctant to take advantage of patio door installation for fear of escalating your energy bills, it’s time to think again. The SRJ Windows team are experts in double glazing, and we have a range of window options that look beautiful and let in plenty of streaming sunlight without sending the thermostat into overdrive.

Our French doors are equipped to serve the modern homeowner. They’re selective in the type of light they let through – so you can reap all of the benefits of more glass and better views without having to make unnecessary sacrifices. We also make a point of assembling our products from sustainably sourced materials, which means your new home improvement project doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment.

Feel Free to Contact SRJ Windows for More Information

As convenient as internet shopping is and though you can always contact us online, we understand that today’s consumers still want to see products like ours in person before making a purchase – so a visit to our Fife showroom will help you make up your mind. If you’re interested in designing bespoke patio doors with SRJ Windows. We’ll introduce you to our product range and tell you more about how we can help you transform your property with stunning new French doors.