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SRJ Windows Provides the best Composite and PVCU Doors

SRJ Windows offers a large range of PVCu and composite entrance doors. All of our doors are fully reinforced, fitted with a five point locking system and state-of-the-art hinges to ensure high security and durability. All of our doors are installed with care by our efficient joinery team who work throughout Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and the Stirlingshire area.

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We offer a broad selection of PVCU doors that are stylish, affordable and offer security. These are some of the most durable entry doors on the market. They’re extremely low maintenance and will maintain their look and feel for years to come. They’re also resistant to the corrosive power of the elements – so they’ll remain in excellent condition long after wooden doors would’ve rotted or otherwise corroded.

Just as important, energy saving doors create a natural thermal barrier for your property – keeping the heat in during the winter months whilst keeping you cool and comfortable during summer. As such, PVCU door installation is an important step towards lowering your energy bill and creating a more environmentally friendly living space.


SRJ Windows has spent years sourcing the most sustainable PVCu doors, and there are numerous benefits to using PVCu doors in your home. As well as being strong and long-lasting, PVCu, being made of pure plastic, is low maintenance and can help cut costs on your energy bills by reducing heat loss through your entrance door. Our PVCu and composite doors are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any tastes. At SRJ Windows we test all of our doors against the harsh Scottish weather to ensure they withstand the elements for years to come.

Tasteful Composite Doors

Composite doors are generally thicker than PVCu doors, they are made from various materials which are compressed together. The materials are selected specifically for each individual need, and are designed to counteract flaws common in single-material doors. Design your own composite door using our handy Composite door designer tool.


Be Sure to View Our Composite Doors

We also supply our customers with composite doors in Scotland. Generally speaking, these are thicker than their PVCU counterparts. They’re made from several compressed layers of various materials, which offer greater functionality than any single-material door could.

As with our PVCU range, our composite doors are also available in a wide range of styles and colours. And to make the selection process easier, we’ve included a handy composite door designer right here on this page. With this design tool at your disposal, you can go through the process of designing a door that’s perfectly suited to your property and personal preferences. Thanks to SRJ Windows, arranging composite door installation is easier than ever.

Visit Our Fife Showroom to View Our PVCU and Composite Doors in Person

With our online door-design tools, selecting the perfect door is incredibly easy, but there is still much to be said for seeing our doors in person – installed and in use. That’s why we encourage you to visit our showroom in Fife. We’ve arranged several of our most popular doors and windows throughout the showroom to give you a better idea of what these doors would look like once installed at your property. Come pay us a visit in Fife, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.