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With the performance conservatory, you’ll be able to bring a design to your Fife home that is designed to keep you comfortable in perfect style. This design comprises a plastered interior that perfectly captures the authentic ‘room-like’ feel for you to enjoy.

Through industry-leading designs, super insulated columns and an internal insulated pelmet, our Performance Conservatories specialise in keeping your living area the ideal temperature throughout the year in Fife. When combined with the right glazing, it’ll always be the perfect place to be.

To bring a bespoke touch to this conservatory, we offer a range of decorative cornices for the exterior, and a range of speaker and lighting options to help you capture the right ambience of your conservatory interior. You’ll be able to make it feel more like a piece of your home.

For your peace of mind, all of our Performance Conservatories are structurally designed to suit the snow and wind loads in Fife. This modern approach is made possible through NASA satellite data, so you can rest assured it is a precise method.

We know that the thought of making your home energy efficient can become daunting, especially when it seems so costly. With the Performance Conservatory, you’ll be able to benefit from an inherent degree of impressive thermal efficiency, helping you to keep comfortable and save money on your heating bills across the year. Our conservatories will even keep you cosy during the peaks of a Fife winter.

To ensure you get the right standard of performance for your home, we offer you the freedom to choose the conservatory roof. This includes the timeless, high performance Classic roof, or a Quantal aluminium roof that helps to bring a modern flair. Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that you’re bringing something high performance to your home.

As garden shapes and property sizes can be different, we offer our Performance Conservatories in a wide selection of shapes and sizes in Fife. This includes Gable, Georgian, Lean-To, Victorian, T-Shape and P-Shape. With SRJ Windows, you’re sure to find a Performance Conservatory that serves as the perfect fit for what you want to use your conservatory for.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary conservatory, our expert team will be on hand to accommodate your needs. We offer our Performance Conservatories in any colour in Fife, which means you’ll be able to make it as subtle or eye-catching as you want. We also offer optional upgrades that includes extra super insulated columns or a wider insulated pelmet.

Bringing a new, high performance conservatory to your home doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Our Performance Conservatories are specially designed to avoid any of the red tape that is associated with building regulations. This works to notably cut down the overall installation time, and makes the installation less stressful for you.

Although very unlikely, we’ve got you covered should you have any problems with your conservatory after it is installed. This is due to the fact that our Performance Conservatories are fitted with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, which will give you peace of mind in your Fife home.

Features & Benefits

These modern columns draw upon classical inspiration, sourcing their look from the beautiful Italian Renaissance period. They utilise modern techniques to deliver impressive performance, allowing you to bring a heritage feel to your home that achieves a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times that of a brick pier of equivalent size. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy modern function with a traditional look.

The insulated internal pelmet is a multi-functional feature that is fitted to the perimeter of your roof, bringing a seamless feel between your home and conservatory while acting as a place to house speakers or lights. Further to this, they feature an insulated cavity which will help to improve the overall thermal efficiency of your property. When combined with super insulated columns, you’ll be able to enjoy better standards across the board.

To bring a beautiful finish to the outside of your conservatory, we offer a choice of decorative cornices that work to hide your guttering and bring a finishing charm to the exterior of roof perimeter. You’ll be able to choose from a one, two or three tier option depending on your tastes and roof type. All of our cornices are highly durable, which ensures they will continue to keep your roofline looking stylish for many years.

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