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Patio Doors, Edinburgh


Patio Doors: A Beautiful Entrance to Your Garden

Connect your home and garden with the slim sight-lines and unique opening capabilities of SRJ patio doors. Utilising an incredible sliding function in order to maximise available space, these wonderful products will bring any home roaring into the 21st century. Blend the indoors with the outdoors by working with SRJ windows today.

Personalised Patio Doors

Nothing quite captures the glitz and glam of a modern home like patio doors. This fantastic design will look the part in any property, but even more so when it has been custom-made for your home specifically. It’s possible to benefit from all the features of modern double glazing whilst also purchasing a product that looks the part.

We have a huge range of colours and finishes for you to choose from when it comes to creating your new patio doors. That way you can make sure that your new product matches the existing décor. You can also modify several hardware aspects of our doors, with different handle designs, numerous opening configurations and much more.

Warm Your Home

Patio doors are very energy efficient thanks in part to the larger size of their windowpanes. At a very fundamental level, the larger glass size allows more light to pass into your home than competing door and window designs. This in turn brings with it all the heat and brightness associated with natural light, warming your home.

However we then build upon this natural efficiency with several manufacturing techniques. One such decision is our utilisation of low-E glazing in order to protect your home from the harsher nature of the summer sun. In the winter your home will be warmed naturally as as it begins to trap heat, however in the summer these same unwanted UV rays and solar heat are reflected.

Protect Your Home

There is an understandable caution in the minds of many customers when it comes to installing doors that are composed almost entirely of glass. However, contemporary double glazing is just as strong as standard solid doors, and in the case of SRJ our patio doors combine this strength with state of the art locking mechanisms and powerful frames.

The double glazing itself is reinforced with impact-resistant glass, protecting it from unwanted visitors. Furthermore, we also imbue the running track with anti-lift mechanics which prevent the frame from being moved out of place. Altogether this results in patio doors that protect your home just as much as any other door would.

Guaranteed to Last

We offer a 10-year guarantee of quality on many of our double glazing products, and our patio doors are no exception. We do this because we are absolutely sure of their premium-quality and longevity. The weather-resistant finish that protects the profile is designed to withstand the worst of Scotland’s wind and rain, reducing the chances of warping, rotting and damp.

Similarly, we make use of the strongest materials in our manufacturing process in order to craft a product that is structurally secure, designed to be opened and closed over and over again for years to come.

SRJ Windows: The Supplier That Cares

Here at SRJ we provide all our customers with premium products, from the strongest doors to the finest windows. Over the past 25 years we have been dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of many homeowners throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We want to complete your project in a timely manner, but we also work to do our part for the environment as well.

Construction and manufacturing can both place a great deal of stress on the surrounding ecology, and the carbon footprint of many companies in the fenestration industry is understandably quite large. Here at SRJ however, we make sure to recycle 100% of all cardboard and paper, 90% of our windows, and are SEPA accredited for the eco-friendly removal of waste.

Patio Doors Prices, Edinburgh

Call SRJ Windows on 01383 851 951 today and discuss your home improvement project with one of our specialists. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our patio doors. As a company with over 25 years’ experience within the industry, you can rely on us to deliver a swift and efficient installation every time.

You can also submit a request to us in writing by heading over to our online contact form. This too is monitored by our specialists, and we aim to respond to all written enquiries as soon as possible. Finally, you are more than welcome to visit the showroom here at our Rosyth offices. There you can see our patio doors in person, and we can discuss your project with you.

For Home Improvement Inspiration visit our showroom or contact us today!