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French Doors, Edinburgh


Enjoy Classy French Doors with SRJ Windows

French doors combine the stunning sight-lines of glazed windowpanes with the privacy and smart aesthetic of solid doors. This quality makes them the perfect choice for any local homeowner looking to bring a bit of light into their home without embracing full-bodied double glazing. Enjoy the many benefits of modern double glazing with SRJ Windows.

Designed to Last

One of the many reasons that we offer our 10-year guarantee of quality is that it stands as proof that we believe in the longevity of our French doors. Designed to withstand howling winds and pouring rain, these fantastic doorways will protect you and your home for many years to come thanks to their weather-resistant finishing and reinforced structural strength.

Thermally Efficient Double Glazing

It’s important to keep your home comfortable as well as safe, and that’s why we take care to manufacture French doors that make the most of contemporary double glazing. The naturally efficient profile is adept at retaining warmth, and this is bolstered further thanks to the vacuum-sealing techniques utilised by our double glazing.

By trapping heat within your home behind thermal barriers, you will reduce your reliance on central heating. The result of this is a warmer home and lower energy bills as you begin to spend less on gas and electricity. We also use low-E glass to filter out harmful or unpleasant rays in favour of a smoother sunlight that simply keeps you warm.

Highly Secure French Doors

We understand the importance of security when it comes to any home improvement product. It’s because of this mentality that our double glazing has been infused with incredibly detailed locking mechanisms, all of which are sturdily built and designed to last. Multi-point locks and powerful hinges work together to keep your doors shut when necessary.

The glazing used in the glass section of our French doors is just as durable as the rest of the profile. Impact-resistant and fitted into the frame, these windows are near-impenetrable. There’s no need to feel like a solid door is a necessity when our teams are on the job; we can guarantee the quality of our French doors.

Custom-Made for Your Home

Each of our French doors is a bespoke product, personalised to your exact specifications by you. We want all our customers to enjoy double glazing that has been made-to-order, and that accurately reflects both your sense of style and the existing décor in your home. That’s why we offer a large number of customisation options.

With colours galore and many different finishes that are designed to withstand the worst Scottish winters, your new French doors will be a bespoke product crafted for you. Choose a glazing design that suits your property and select a colour that blends in succinctly with the surrounding brickwork. By working with SRJ you can own a made-to-order door.

SRJ: The Company That Cares

As an installer of modern double glazing, we dedicate ourselves to current eco-friendly practices. We are well respected throughout the industry for this devotion and take great care to make sure that we never deviate from the strict regulations we place upon ourselves. By choosing SRJ Windows as the fitter of your French doors, you are selecting an installer that cares.

As a SEPA regulated company, we are legally trained to dispose of waste safely and appropriately. Furthermore, we make sure to recycle 100% of all our paper and cardboard products, as well as 90% of our old windows. We also utilise an incredible fuelling strategy that regularly reduces our travel miles by up to 15,000 a year, which has a phenomenal impact on our carbon emissions.

French Doors Prices, Edinburgh

SRJ French doors combine the gorgeous European aesthetic with all the practicality of solid entrances. To find out just how our beautiful products can enliven your property, reach out to our specialists today by calling us on 01383 851 951 or filling out our contact form. There you will get through to a talented member of our team who will be ready to help.

We also have a showroom for customers that would prefer to see our products first-hand. At our offices here in Rosyth, we have a selection of double glazing products on display, including our French doors. Our showroom is a great way to get a first-hand look at our range and can help you to decide which of our products is for you.

For Home Improvement Inspiration visit our showroom or contact us today!