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Bi-Fold Doors, Edinburgh


Glamorous Bi-Fold Doors, Available Throughout Edinburgh

Bi-fold doors imbue any home with a whole new level of class. Their unique sliding function makes for an impressive talking point with visitors and is a great way to showcase your personality. If you enjoy your home and garden and want the perfect way to blend the two seamlessly together, then our bi-fold doors are the ideal choice for you.

Work with SRJ Windows

SRJ Windows are a recognised and celebrated installer of double glazing, operating in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We have nearly three decades’ experience within the industry and are proud to work with the most exceptional installation teams currently in operation. When you choose to work with SRJ Windows, you select a market-leading supplier.

We are also an eco-friendly installer, well-regarded throughout the industry for our dedication to environmental care. We make sure to recycle 100% of our paper and cardboard products, as well as 90% of our old windows. Furthermore, we are also SEPA regulated, meaning that we are officially qualified to remove and dispose of construction waste.

Benefit from Maximum Security

We appreciate the desire to protect your home and your family. As homeowners ourselves, we can understand the level of importance customers place on home security. That’s why we design all of our products with the latest safety features, affording you the level of protection you deserve. Our bi-fold doors are crafted with security in mind from the ground up.

We utilise a state of the art manufacturing process to imbue our double glazing with an impact-resistant quality. This protects the glass itself from damage and is backed by a series of interlinking locking mechanisms built throughout the profile. We also infuse the running track with anti-lift systems which prevent the doors from being lifted out of place.

Enjoy a Product Designed to Last

On the note of security and durability, our bi-fold doors are also designed to maintain this high quality for years to come. We offer a 10-year guarantee of quality on all doors we install, promising premium-quality for up to a decade post-installation. Our bi-fold doors will easily maintain their structural integrity through howling winds and pouring rain.

This longevity comes in part thanks to the natural weather-resistance of our base materials. However, we also reinforce this innate structural durability with our manufacturing techniques. The long-lasting finish we put onto all of our double glazing is fantastically resistant to rotting, warping and damp, which means that your product will stay structurally sound and beautiful at the same time.

Bi-Fold Doors Designed by You

Don’t forget that any double glazing product should reflect your sense of style, and our bi-fold doors are no exception. Although they may be glamorous in their own right, there are many ways in which you can tailor your double glazing to reflect both you and the existing décor of your home. Security and thermal efficiency aren’t the only essentials!

You can customise our bi-fold doors in a variety of panel sizes and designs, with a style of glazing that has been specially chosen by you. The unique folding mechanism can also be tailored to open in your preferred manner, and you are also able to specify the number of panels depending on available space.

Save Money with Thermal Efficiency

There are multiple benefits to having an energy efficient home, the most obvious being a warmer property in the winter. Our bi-fold doors can offer you the best of both worlds, with a design that warms your home naturally during the colder evenings while also allowing for a large opening to let in fresh air during the summer months.

Our vacuum-sealed double glazing maintains a consistent temperature within your home, trapping heat behind dedicated thermal barriers. This ability is backed up further by anti-draught points which close off the usual suspects when it comes to heat loss. The result is a home that warms itself naturally, reducing your energy consumption and therefore your bills.

Bi-Fold Doors Prices, Edinburgh

SRJ Windows have over 25 years’ experience when it comes to installing industry-leading bi-fold doors. If you want to revamp your home with the glamour and class of our beautiful bi-folds, then reach out to our specialists today. Just ring us up on 01383 851 951 to find out more information, or send us a message. Our teams will be on hand and ready to assist you with any questions.

You’re also welcome to visit the showroom at our offices right here in Rosyth. Based just outside of Dunfermline, our display area is by far the best way to get a taster of our bi-fold doors and other products. Come and view our double glazing in person and see for yourself just how gorgeous our incredible product-lines are.

For Home Improvement Inspiration visit our showroom or contact us today!