When choosing your windows, it can be hard to choose whether you choose uPVC or aluminium designs. Both profiles offer the Dunfermline and Fife homeowner a range of benefits that will improve your property. That’s why the SRJ team has created this advice article to help you get the best windows for your home.

Strength & Security

Although both uPVC and aluminium windows are mainly fitted with multi-point locking, the actual strength the window provides differs. Modern uPVC windows are multi-chambered, offering rigidity and strength against attempted entry. Aluminium meanwhile is a strong material. When you combine it with multi-point locking and the panes of glazing, it provides a very high level of security across the whole of the frame.

Most double glazing installers will offer the multi-point locking as standard with both windows. Although aluminium is strong on its own, the multi-point locking removes any potential weak points that could be exploited by would-be intruders. Homeowners can also choose to upgrade both designs with a range of locking mechanisms available.

uPVC V aluminium windows

Years of Use

Both uPVC and aluminium windows offer much longer use to the Dunfermline homeowner than old timber or steel designs. Modern manufacturing methods and better materials has led to this. uPVC windows are often accompanied by a guarantee of at least 10-years. Unlike timber, the profile will not warp, bow, rot, twist, flake, rot or discolour, maintaining its good as new look.

Aluminium windows are superior in their quality. These windows can offer the Dunfermline homeowner up to 40-years of quality use once installed within their home. Like uPVC, the frame will retain its quality, even after regular exposure to the elements. The colour is fitted using powder coating, offering many years of good looks.

Designed to Your Property

In the modern era, it’s not uncommon to get customisable windows for your home. Whether your property is modern or traditional, you can customise your window to perfectly suit your property. With both the aluminium and uPVC profiles, you can decorate these windows in a range of colour and woodgrain foils.

The uPVC window can be customised in several colour and woodgrain foils. For many installers, there will be a limited number you can choose. Aluminium meanwhile is usually available in any RAL colour. There are more than 250 RAL colours, allowing you to have something bright, low-key or traditional.

uPVC Windows v Aluminium Windows

Thermally Efficient Design

uPVC Windows tend to outperform aluminium models in terms of thermal efficiency. The multi-chambers profile works alongside the panes of double or triple glazing to trap in pockets of warm air. This will help create a comfortable temperature, reducing your reliance on central heating. This will lead to lower energy bills and a reduction in your property’s carbon footprint.

Aluminium windows aren’t as high performance unless the profile is thermally broken. They still offer good U-values, but only the higher end profiles compete. The best way to achieve similar U-values to that of uPVC is to choose triple glazing panes.

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