Winter Chill: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dunfermline House Warmer

//Winter Chill: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dunfermline House Warmer

Winter Chill: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dunfermline House Warmer

Winters in Dunfermline, and Scotland in general can be harsh. We usually get the snow and ice first, and it’s usually many months before you can leave your coat at home. That’s why it’s so important to have a cosy house to come home to after a long day – and important to keep your Dunfermline home warm, whether it’s a country house in Rosyth, or a new build in the town centre. However, with energy bills on the rise, many people worry about turning on their heating too much. Ensuring you have the best doors and windows installed some other ways you can keep your house warm and cosy, without the big bills.

Replace your windows

Many people don’t realise the amount of heat that can be lost through old windows, and so getting new PVCU windows installed is an excellent way to keep your home warmer. New windows can keep your home warm because:

  • They have an insulating barrier to slow down heat loss
  • Newer windows have a coating that lets light in, naturally heating your home
  • Newer windows will fit your frame better, meaning there are no draughts
  • Gas slowly escapes from double glazing over time, making it less efficient, so you may not even notice your windows are losing heat

About 10% of heat loss in a home is through your windows, so get them replaced and you’ll soon feel the benefit

Check your doors

Doors are another area where heat loss can occur. A door that’s badly fitting will feel draughty, and even little things like having a letterbox without a cover and flap can make your house feel cold. If your doors are getting old, you might want to look at some newer PVCU doors to make your home more energy efficient, and the reduction in heating costs helps cover the cost of replacement in part.

Have soffits and fascias replaced

If your home is feeling damp or has draughts, then the problem could be with your roofline products. If your soffits and fascias haven’t been replaced for many years, then it can be worth investing in. They keep water away from your home, keeping it warm and dry, and can protect against the Scottish weather.

Replace your insulation

Insulation is an important part of any home, and you should check whether more could be added to your property. It’s not just the main roof that can be insulated, homeowners with conservatories should check that their addition is energy efficient, and areas such as exterior walls should also have their insulation measured to make sure it’s enough to protect you from the cold. Also, check areas such as garages attached to the house, as they are often sources of chills and draughts.

Contact SRJ Windows to keep warm in winter

To find out more about our range of doors, windows, and other home improvement products, call SRJ Windows today on 01383 851 951, or visit our showroom at Macintosh House, Innova Campus, Viking Way, Rosyth, Near Dunfermline, KY11 2UU.

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