Reasons to Add a Porch to Your Dunfermline Home

//Reasons to Add a Porch to Your Dunfermline Home

Reasons to Add a Porch to Your Dunfermline Home

When it comes to the layout of your home, every small space helps, whether it’s used for storage or living space. That’s why many home owners are choosing to add a porch to the front of their home. In the Dunfermline and wider Fife area, many smaller terraced homes are built without a porch, and if you don’t have one, then you’ll sometimes miss this extra room. Luckily, they are usually easy and affordable to install, and here are a few ways they improve your home.

  1. Creating a better flow

In older homes such as Victorian terraces, the front door opens into the living room, which can mean there’s not a great ‘flow’ to the home. Porches give you somewhere to great your guests before they enter the property, and are an easy way to modernise your home’s layout.

  1. Add storage space

Porches can be excellent ways to add storage to your home. Inside your porch you can add:

  • Shoe racks
  • Coat hangers
  • Parcel or mail storage
  • Space for taking off muddy wellies

This means you can leave all the things you usually grab on the way out the house in your porch, keeping you organised and meaning you always know where the essentials are. They’re also a great place for people to take off their shoes, so no more mud being tracked through your home.

  1. Adding security

While most areas of Fife are safe and low on crime, some areas have seen an increase in burglaries, so it’s important to consider whether you should add additional security. Composite doors can be added to the outside of your home, which provides a solid deterrent, and you can also add an internal door which can lock, making it twice as hard for potential thieves to break in.

  1. Keeping your living room warm

If you have a front door that opens straight into your living room, you may notice it can get draughty. If people are coming and going, then they can bring the cold in with them, and it’s hard to keep your home warm during a typical Scottish winter. A porch can prevent some of the chill coming into your home when the door is opened, and with an internal door, you can create an extra barrier from the cold.

  1. Adding kerb appeal

If the front of your home looks a little boring, then adding a porch can add a stylish touch. The bricks and tile are perfectly matched to your home, and you can add features such as PVCU windows to add an interesting touch. Many newer homes look a little flat and boring from the outside, and adding a porch increases kerb appeal, whether you want to sell your home, or just make a better first impression when people visit.

If you’re thinking of installing a porch, get in touch with SRJ Windows, Macintosh House, Innova Campus, Viking Way, Rosyth, near Dunfermline, KY11 2UU. Simply call 01383 851 951 to find out more and arrange a quote.

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