How to Dress Up Your Home Using Your Doors and Windows

//How to Dress Up Your Home Using Your Doors and Windows

How to Dress Up Your Home Using Your Doors and Windows


Windows and doors are a vital aspect in any home and come with countless advantages – be it to add an aesthetic element to a space or simply to create partitions to add additional privacy. Long gone are the days where doors or windows were merely used as basic features in houses and to keep unwanted gazes away.

Most people with an eye for design tend to use doors and windows to enhance the interiors of the house by using them decoratively to add a sense of appeal and to project their own personality.

Here are a few ways you can use bay windows or french doors to your advantage and dress your home.

Understand your needs
The most important step is to assess your needs and comfort in order to personalise the décor and make your home feel warm and cozy:

  • If you are someone who needs a lot of natural light, you can look at conservatories from SRJ windows that include a series of sleekly connected windows. A conservatory will work wonders for your house as it not only beautifies the place in accordance with your needs but also increases your property’s value.
  • If you are someone who loves their privacy but would like a little sunlight penetrating through the house then Velux windows could be right for you.
  • Other aspects that you should take into consideration are sound insulation and cost effectiveness.

Decorative element

Getting windows or doors installed can be exciting, as there is always a way to add a personal touch and express yourself through decorating your house. Choose from our amazing range of windows- sash windows, tilt and turn windows for the style that best suits you.

French doors add a creative element to a British home and can add a sense of grace to the room. You can play around with colours and make the door pop by painting it yellow against a blue backdrop or you could keep it mellow with hues of pastels. SRJ windows can also create custom composite doors for you to modernise your home.

Serve their purpose

It is also important to consider the purpose that you want the window or door to serve while being creative. That is why SRJ windows offers a wide range of doors and windows for every need.
You can get Pvcu windows installed for cost efficiency and sound insulation. If you are looking to make the place look bigger, bi-fold doors are the go to solution as they take up minimal space while allowing creating a partition or allowing sunlight into the house. You have numerous options to choose from.

Dress to impress with SRJ windows

Whatever your ideas of dressing your home are, we help your dreams take shape. If you are looking to revamp or improve your home, SRJ Windows is a one-stop shop. Make an enquiry on 01383 851 951 today or simply drop in to our showroom, open 7 days a week at Macintosh House, Innnova campus, Viking way, Rosyth, near Dunfermline, KY11 2UU.

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